Being a responsible business

Our responsible business vision is “to use our expertise, influence and passion as a force for good in our local communities and the wider world.”

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You can see this in action in our environmental efforts, our ethical approach to doing business, our charitable partnerships and fundraising, and the support we give our communities, to give a few examples.

We have four Responsible Business focus areas:

  • Community
  • Charity
  • Environment
  • Marketplace

In early 2013, we set up a Responsible Business Committee. This brings together all our activities and ensures we take a joined-up, global approach. We are also proud to be part of the Lloyd’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) network.


We have a wonderful mix of cultures, experience and backgrounds at Beazley to share ideas and provide peer support.

It’s just part of who we are. It’s part of our journey – from when we started with two people in London, to where we are today, with over over 1,200 people globally and still growing. Diversity shapes our success and is simply…Being Beazley.

We are committed to creating a culture of inclusion, wherever we have offices across the world. It is an integral part of our strategy to compete in the current and future marketplace. For example, being honourable and doing the right thing means we will recruit the right person for the job, as simple as that. We won’t discriminate against anyone for their ethnicity, religion, gender or any other reason.

We’re committed to treating all our job applicants fairly and with respect, irrespective of their actual or assumed background. In November 2017 we signed up to the Her Majesty’s Treasury (HMT UK) Women in Finance Charter, to help build a more balanced and fair financial services industry, by working together with other signatories to see gender balance at all levels across the sector.

We make reasonable adjustments to our selection processes for candidates who indicate that, owing to a disability, our arrangements might otherwise disadvantage them. If you have a disability, including dyslexia or other non-visible ones, which you believe may affect your performance in selection, please advise us in good time and we’ll make reasonable adjustments to our processes for you.

Health & wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of our people is something we really care about. And why we have run the Health and Wellbeing initiative since 2014. The initiative raises awareness about the wellbeing benefits we offer to our employees and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Since the launch of the initiative our people have taken part in activities from having their blood pressure checked, getting outside on organised walks and our ‘try something new’ month, which included ‘Yoga at your Desk’ in our San Francisco office, sushi making in our Boston office, pilates and circus skills in London and a nutrition talk in Munich.


We continue to support our charity partners through annual donations, giving networking opportunities, running quarterly fundraising opportunities, and awareness events such as Lunch & Learns and charity awareness weeks.

We know our colleagues have causes close to their hearts and, to support this we offer charity leave. This means if you want to take time out to volunteer for your charity, Beazley will match a limited amount of annual leave with charity leave.


A key part of Responsible Business, and an integral part of Being Beazley, is supporting the local communities where we operate. Our vision is to increase the skills and expertise of disadvantaged children and young people, with an emphasis on helping school leavers and graduates enter the workforce.

We partner with many community and corporate community organisations, on a variety of programmes. In addition, each September we hold ‘Make a Difference’ month, when every employee can take a day to volunteer. You can choose from a range of activities that have a positive impact in our communities.

Watch our short film to discover more.


We’re passionate about being a Responsible Business, and a key part of that is minimising the environmental impact where we operate. We’re focused on making our offices efficient, working with suppliers to make our procurement sustainable and engaging our people to help achieve our goals. We adopt an honourable approach to how we run our business. It’s core to Being Beazley – we do the right thing, not because a rule book tells us to, but because it is the right thing to do.


As market leaders in many of our chosen lines, we have a unique understanding of our clients’ risks. We use this expertise to create innovative products which encourage behaviour that benefits not just our insureds, but society as a whole.

Marketplace involves finding ways to underwrite profitable business, and to develop products and practices that have a positive impact on the wider community. This ranges from incentivising better patient care with our healthcare products, through to paying the London Living Wage.

Our aim is to make more of our existing business practices. We’ll keep on finding innovative ways to deliver responsible, profitable business, and ensure we understand the positive influence we can have when underwriting. To achieve this, we focus on three phases – research, defining & developing and delivering.