About Beazley

Early in the morning on Good Friday 2015, thieves broke into a lift shaft at Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd, to carry out the most ambitious heist of the 21st century so far. The theft presented a significant challenge for insurers.

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Andrew Horton

At Beazley, we were acutely aware that the stolen contents of the deposit boxes represented people’s livelihoods. Any delay in settling the claim – even with police still investigating and the site cordoned off – could prove very damaging to our insureds’ business. So by comparing the value of goods our clients held in store, with their inventory values, we settled the claim within a month.

At Beazley we provide our people with the motivation, training and confidence to go out and use their initiative.

We don’t do things by halves.

Whatever your role, we look to you as a specialist. You’re someone who delivers the best service and genuinely enjoys your work. So when you’re with us, you can expect a friendly, open and supportive environment – and every opportunity to take your skills further.

You can expect exceptional.

Our history

It all started with a good idea. And a hat stand. When Beazley was founded in 1986, the office contained just a few items of second hand furniture, including a hat stand. Today, we hang our hats all over the world.

Some might have found 1986 an alarming time to establish a Lloyd’s managing agency focusing on US liability insurance business. Time Magazine had just run a cover feature headlined “Sorry America. Your insurance has been cancelled.” The article described a “national crisis” in liability insurance, following “years of eye-popping damage awards.”

But Andrew Beazley and Nick Furlonge saw an opportunity.

They wanted a company that was set apart. One with a culture of teamwork, cutting through the complexity of insurance and replacing it with straight answers and progressive thinking.

Thirty years on, with Andrew Horton at the helm, we have grown from two people in a London office, to over 1,200, across five continents. But our culture has not changed.

Our values

Professional, Integrity, Effective and Dynamic - inspire the way we work.

Working with our people, we've created a series of statements that describe how we do things at Beazley. We call them Being Beazley:


We're experts in what we do, using our specialist knowledge and skills to add value.


We are not obsessed with hierarchies or status – we're just passionate about what we do.


We give straight answers promptly and deliver on our promises.


We value good ideas and insights wherever they come from – we have a contagious energy to do things better.


We do the right thing. Not because a rule book tells us to, but because it is the right thing to do.


We're forward looking, take bold leaps and don't always take the path people expect to ensure we deliver for our customers, our people and our shareholders.


We are friendly, approachable and support each other.

Our culture

We’ve always had a different approach to insurance. We expect exceptional. We’re driven by entrepreneurial spirit and we work in a flat, open and collaborative environment. Our people think differently, share ideas, anticipate problems and act decisively, bringing our clients the benefit of foresight.

Beautifully designed insurance is our tagline globally. This encapsulates many of the virtues that brokers and clients see when doing business with us:

  • A business approach that is designed to be collaborative, personal, flexible and responsive
  • Underwriting products and wordings that are designed to meet precise client needs
  • Risk management and incident response services designed to go beyond indemnity
  • Claims service designed to protect our clients’ businesses and reputation

It’s the combination of the right people and culture that makes us exceptional. When a large US healthcare provider had one of their laptops and $1.7million of data stolen? We innovated. With focus and confidence, we reacted to the challenge by pioneering response focused data breach insurance. It’s all part of being proud to be Beazley.

Our ways of working

With the world around us changing faster than ever, we recognise there’s no longer a ‘one size fits all’ for how our people want to work.

For us to maintain our entrepreneurial, open and collaborative culture, we knew we needed to change the way we did things.

So in 2018, we introduced Activity Based Working – or ABW for short.

Put simply, ABW is a choice about how, when and where you work. It’s having the right tools, environment and culture in place so our people feel empowered to work in a way which suits them.

So what does this mean?

We’re refurbishing, moving and adapting some of our offices to suit an ABW environment. Our Birmingham office is the perfect example of ABW in action – providing a variety of settings to accommodate the different activities in the working day.

Our culture is important to us and we want our people to truly be themselves. Empowered to choose how they work.

Just some of the ways we do this are:

  • Our flexible dress policy – where colleagues are encouraged to dress for their day
  • Remote working
  • Agile working hours

With colleagues all around the globe, having the right technology and tools is crucial. We make sure our technology is reliable, simple and easy to use – enabling our colleagues to work wherever they need to get the job done.

Our people

It’s our people who are key to the exceptional work we do. The diversity, enthusiasm and passion they bring allows us to keep innovating and moving forward, delivering the best for our clients.