Our people

We have a wonderful mix of cultures, experiences and backgrounds at Beazley with over 1500 of us working around the world.

Our people are key to the exceptional work we do. Their diversity, enthusiasm and passion allow us to keep innovating and moving forward, delivering the best.

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Cyber Insurance

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It’s a line of business that is continuously evolving.

We know when an organisation suffers a data breach, its first concern is to handle the breach in a way that maintains customer confidence.  In 2009 Beazley pioneered the concept of data breach insurance that focuses on response and services.  We do more of it than anybody else. To date we have helped more than 4,000 clients manage data breaches swiftly and successfully.  Cyber insurance didn’t even exist 15 years ago, hear from Jimaan, Cyber Liability Underwriter, about what makes cyber insurance so exceptional.

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Satellite insurance

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You are dealing with state of the art technology.

Satellite insurance is an exciting business with ever-changing needs.  At Beazley we provide insurance solutions covering the entire lifespan of a satellite from their launch and during their commercial use.  Denis, Head of Space insurance, talks about the class of business.

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Innovation at Beazley

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Having IT and Operations people alongside brokers and underwriters to discuss opportunities is quite rare.

Innovation and product development are critical in order to stay ahead of competition.  At Beazley everyone is encouraged to innovate – it is even one of our strategic initiatives.  And we have a number of ways to support that.  From online tools to dedicated champions.  Paul, Head of IT Strategy & Innovation, talks about how he works alongside our underwriters to develop technology solutions to enable growth and efficiency.

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Claims at Beazley

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Insureds want to meet our claims managers.

As insurers we don’t sell widgets, we sell a promise. When a loss happens it is our claims teams that ensure the end client gets the right reimbursement.  Find out more from Jess, a Healthcare Claims Manager, about Claims at Beazley.

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Broker relations

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I’m always talking to different people.

As an insurer, building, maintaining and having an overall view of the relationships we have with our brokers is important.  Hear from Will, Head of Broker Relations in the UK and Rest of World why, and how no day is the same in his team.

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Underwriting as a career

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It’s lots of small adrenaline rushes.

Underwriting is at the heart of what we do at Beazley. Our underwriters are specialists in what they do and are respected throughout the industry for their expertise.  Rachel, a Directors and Officers Liability Underwriter describes what it is like to be an underwriter at Beazley.


Be yourself

We hire people with wider perspectives, leading to a more dynamic, innovative, and responsive organisation in touch with the changing world and marketplace. We are also keen to keep our people connected across the globe.

Here are a few of things we’ve been up to lately…

We are focused on gender diversity, recently backing the ‘Inclusive Behaviours Pledge’, joining the Women in Banking & Finance forum as well as the Women in Finance Charter.

We aim to create an inclusive, collaborative and safe environment that supports respect and equality for all regardless of sexual orientation and/or general identity.

We are open about mental health and recognise we each have unique physical abilities.

And we know it’s not always about us- it’s also about our local communities and what is happening around the world.

Throghout the year we have supported many charity partners and we connect with our local communities through our Make a Difference days of service and our local internship programmes.

Our networks

Part of our Beazley culture is creating an open environment, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, etc. so we’ve created internal networks to help you connect.

Young Professionals network
As we continue to grow, more young professionals are joining the organisation so we’ve created a community for them to connect and engage with each other.

Our aim is to create an inclusive, collaborative and safe environment that supports respect and equality for all regardless of sexual orientation/and or gender identity.

We celebrate and highlight cultural differences, creating an environment where underrepresented groups feel welcome and empowered to showcase their abilities and skills.

Simply put- we want Beazley to be a place where you can truly be you.

Our proud partnerships


Our teams

Whether you’re experienced in the industry or just embarking on your career, we have a range of opportunities for you. Click to find out more about some of the teams at Beazley, what they do and how you could fit in.